Car Accidents

Riding a bicycle is often the fastest and most efficient way to get from place to place in a large downtown hub. Cyclists are a common sight on the streets in the busiest urban centres of Ontario, and there are dedicated lanes to accommodate them in many areas. Riding the roads is still a risky business, however, and bike versus car accidents happen regularly. Among the most dangerous incidents are doorings.

Incredibly, despite years of advertising campaigns and increased police intervention, impaired driving is still a major issue on the streets of Ontario. Statistics Canada recently posted facts and figures for 2015 regarding car accidents and impaired driving. They reveal that, although numbers have been in decline for many years, the number of drunk drivers is still significant. Additionally, the rate of drug-impaired drivers has been on the rise for several years.

A serious car crash in the early morning of Feb. 26 sent three people to the hospital, and police believe the person responsible may have been drunk behind the wheel. Drunk driving car accidents are tragically common, and Ontario authorities take such charges very seriously. While formal charges have not yet been filed, officials say they are looking into all possible factors influencing the accident.