There are many situations in which someone who lives in Ontario could be seriously injured. Sometimes it is in a motor vehicle accident, other times injuries occur at work, in still other situations, people are injured while participating in recreational activities. In any of these situations it is possible that the negligence of another could contribute to the injury occurring. When this is the case it is possible the injured individual could seek compensation from that party. A recent court decision, involving a man who was paralyzed after an accident at a mountain biking adventure park, illustrates this.

While the first thing that may come to mind when one thinks about injuries suffered due to falls is the elderly, the reality is people of all ages hurt themselves this way. Sometimes these falls are the result of uneven surfaces or poorly maintained sidewalks and parking lots. Other times, substances that make a surface slippery, or the way in which someone walks, are contributing factors.

Most people know that you can make a claim for damages if you are injured in a fall. However, there are important steps to take right after your fall to make sure your claim is successful. Take these steps seriously and protect yourself by hiring a personal injury lawyer to help!