A recent article underscores the importance of taking extra precautions during the winter months, whether as a pedestrian, a driver or a property owner. The article described the effects of an ice jam on the Malheur River and its impact on the outer neighborhoods of Ontario. Due to the blockage, water levels were rising and the National Weather Service issued a flood advisory in the Payette area.

A very common summer event is the family barbecue. From charred hot dogs to fantastic steaks, everyone seems to love this form of warm-weather cooking. However, there could be a very dangerous utensil used to clean your barbecue grill and that is your metal barbecue brush.

In Ontario, residents and visitors alike enjoy the numerous trails located throughout the province. The trails provide visitors a way to enjoy the beautiful scenery the province has to offer as they participate in a variety of activities including riding ATVs and snowmobiles. While in many cases those participating in these activities do so without being hurt, there are occasions where accidents that lead to injuries do occur.