A Full Range of Services For Real Estate Law

The purchase and sale of a property can be a stressful time for buyers and sellers. Liens, financing issues and any disputes can further complicate matters for home owners and business owners.

Our lawyers are dedicated to serving your needs by providing advice, guidance and resolving disputes according to your unique situation. Alam Law Chambers (ALC) is located in Mississauga, Ontario, and offers clients throughout Peel Region a wide range of real estate services, including:

  • Buy-sell transactions
  • Real estate litigation
  • Construction litigation
  • Construction liens
  • Commercial property development
  • Mortgage agreements and financing options
  • Expropriation

Protecting Your Investment

We understand how intimidating a real estate investment can seem. There's a lot of money at stake for both the buyer and the seller. You want to make sure your interests, finances and property are protected during negotiations.

ALC offers information to help clients decide about pending transactions, including any potential risks. Our lawyers take each client's individual concerns into account when recommending legal options. We want to make sure we pursue the best outcome possible for you.

Solid Legal Advice

It's important to our lawyers that you know that you have resources available to you if your purchase doesn't close on time, or if someone else has a financial interest in your property. We can alleviate the stresses that come with these situations by:

Whether your starting a family and looking for a new home, or you are a business owner looking to rent out office space, we can assist you with your legal real estate needs.

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