Advice For Temporary Residency Applications

If you, or someone you know, wants to travel to Canada, you may need to obtain a temporary resident visa in order to visit. At Alam Law Chambers (ALC), our lawyers can assist you with applying for entry into Canada for a limited amount of time.

Based in Mississauga, Ontario, we also offer legal support to renew your visa and extend your business or personal visit. The Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) office is very strict on granting entry to foreign individuals, so it's important that your application - for entry or renewal - is done correctly.

A Transparent Application Process

While some countries are exempt from this process, most foreign visitors will need to apply for a temporary residency visa in order to visit Canada. This visa allows you to enter Canada as a tourist for business or pleasure for up to six months. Visas are granted based on the duration and purpose of the visit. The general criteria is:

  • Valid reason for the visit
  • Financial stability
  • The likelihood of returning home

Avoiding Barriers To Visas

At ALC, we can help you understand the application process, and what rights you have while you are here. For example, this visa does not allow you to work or become employed during your stay.

Criminal convictions, health concerns and insufficient finances can all hinder your chances of a successful application. With our experience working on temporary residency applications, we offer solid legal advice on the likelihood of your application's success, and how to best address any defects raised by IRCC.

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