Immigration, Residency and Sponsorship Applications and Procedures

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Ahmad Junaid Salik Ahmad Junaid Salik

Alam Law Chambers
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant
SINP Licensed Recruiter & Consultant #000090
Member ICCRC#R509291
Member CAPIC# R15028
Qualified Education Agent Counsellor- Australia-QEAC#C281
British Council Trained and Certified Agent

Mr. Salik is a Professional and veteran Immigration Consultant. After graduating he started his professional career as a college lecturer in mid 90's. Later he switched over to career counselling in 2002 and started dealing in International students advising and their related immigration matters. Later in 2012, he moved to Canada as a landed Immigrant under the Federal Skilled Worker class and qualified to be a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant within one year of landing in Canada. He has been practicing as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant since 2013 and has successfully dealt in every area of the Canadian Immigration law. Mr. Salik is also a resource person for IMLIN and delivers seminars/lectures to fellow Immigration consultants as part of their CPD requirements.

Whether you want to travel to Canada for a better life, unite your family, or for better employment opportunities, you will need to make sure your application for entry successfully passes through Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Based in Mississauga, Ontario, Alam Law Chambers (ALC) has extensive experience helping new immigrants come to Canada. We offer legal services and support to review applications for:

Make Sure Your Application Is Correct The First Time

IRCC is very strict when letting foreign individuals into Canada. For that reason, it is essential your application is filled out accurately and correctly. Multiple attempts at applying may hinder your chances of a successful outcome.

At ALC, our lawyers understand how to apply the laws and requirements for IRCC applications. As a new immigrant coming to Canada, or as a resident trying to get a family member into the country, we leverage our experience and knowledge working on immigration cases to facilitate the application process for you.

Addressing Challenges And Denials

Our lawyers are adept at making sure your forms are filled out correctly. We make sure you:

  • Include the right statements
  • Include the right documents
  • Avoid any technical rejections during the process

If your application is denied for any reason, we can litigate the case for you. Whether its alleged criminal activity, health concerns or questions about your finances, we can find out if there's a valid case against you, and what your options are to manoeuvre through it.

Arrange A Meeting With Our Lawyers

If you have questions or concerns about applications for sponsorships, work permits or temporary residency visas, contact ALC. Call our lawyers at 877-345-0541 or schedule a consultation by sending us an email.