Overcoming Burns, Scarring And Disfigurement

Burns and scars affect people for a lifetime. As the after-effects of a serious accident such as a vehicle collision, facial and bodily disfigurement can result from a prolonged period of painful medical treatment. Individuals may never feel the same as they were before the accident.

As a result of such a traumatic injury, people with scars and burns may have to change their profession, might suffer strain in their interpersonal relationships and undergo financial hardship during recovery. All of these effects may be addressed in a legal claim.

In Mississauga, the lawyers at Alam Law Office are dedicated to helping people facing the challenge of serious injury. Our advocacy is based on our personal relationships with clients, getting to know them one on one. We are assertive on their behalf, with insurers, in Ontario courts and in settlement negotiations.

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Helping You Understand Your Rights

Sufferers of burns and scars resulting from a serious car accident may be entitled to significant damages. These could be accessed through a lawsuit (tort claim) against the negligent driver. Damages can include pain and suffering, current and future lost income, and out-of-pocket expenses.

The best way to know what you can claim is to speak with a lawyer. At Alam Law Office, we are committed to treating you with respect and to providing ongoing personal attention as your case proceeds. There are no fees payable until we win you a settlement.

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