Bone Fractures Can Be More Serious Than You Think

Many people think of a bone fracture as a relatively minor injury. With proper treatment, a fracture can heal quickly. Full mobility and functionality may be regained after a certain period of time. For others, a bone fracture is significant, and its physical effects may be permanent.

When patients do not recover properly from a fracture, they may suffer a permanent loss of mobility in whatever area of the body is affected. Additionally, the patient may develop chronic pain, which in turn can lead to psychological effects such as depression.

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Knowing Your Legal Rights And Options

As with other serious injuries, a bone fracture is one possible result of a car accident. When this type of orthopedic injury occurs, the prognosis can be uncertain. During time away from work, a patient may be approved for short-term disability coverage, but as the injury progresses, benefits may be reduced or denied. In the meantime, the individual is unable to make a living and suffers continued physical pain as well.

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